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The heat wave in Europe sows death in Spain


I ask citizens to be extremely careful, added Mr. Sanchez. The excess mortality would be due to this heat wave, where the mercury reached 45 ° C, but this is an estimate of the number of deaths and not an official register, warned the Public Institute Carlos III.

According to preliminary data released by Spain’s national meteorological agency on Wednesday, the current heat wave is the largest and most intense ever recorded in the country.

Many Spanish regions are also ravaged by fires which have so far destroyed thousands of hectares across the country.

Forest fires also affect France and Greece.

The heat wave of the last few days has spread over much of western Europe, affecting Portugal, the United Kingdom and France, and sweeps away many temperature records. This is the second episode of intense heat in a month in Europe.

In France, two fires have destroyed nearly 20,600 hectares of forest in Gironde since July 12. However, the fire seemed to slow down on Wednesday: the balance is positiveeven if the fires are not always fixedspokesman for the firefighters, Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Mendousse, told the press.

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French President Emmanuel Macron was due to go to La Teste-de-Buch on Wednesday, then to Langon, 40 kilometers south of Bordeaux, alongside firefighters, civil security personnel, law enforcement, elected officials and all those mobilizedannounced the Elysee.

Night of fires and broken records

In Greece, after a turbulent night, aerial means were deployed to fight a fire which ravaged the foot of Mount Penteli, north of Athens, and which threatened many homes.

Nearly 500 firefighters, 120 vehicles, 10 helicopters and 9 planes were still mobilized on Wednesday to try to put out the fire.

Several other fires have broken out across Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom. Three fires in the vicinity of London mobilized 300 firefighters, but they did not cause any injuries.

In a village east of London, a fire covering 40 hectares broke out, affecting homes, buildings and garages. Ten people had to be evacuated. The origin of the blaze has not been established.

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A fire roamed fields and destroyed several houses in the village of Wennington, about thirty kilometers from central London.

London firefighters say they experienced their busiest night since World War II.

Heat records have fallen in recent days in Europe. It was 40.2°C at Heathrow airport, a temperature never reached, then 40.3°C in the village of Coningsby, in the northeast of England, according to the Met Office weather agency.

In Scotland, the temperature also broke records with 34.8°C. In France, 40°C has been exceeded in hundreds of cities.

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