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The Highland Park shooting was planned for a long time


The attack was committed with an automatic weapon similar to an AR-15 that had been purchased legally, Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Chris Covelli said in a press briefing earlier this afternoon. More than 70 bullets were fired by the killer.

Six people died and 30 others were injured when suspected killer Robert Crimo opened fire from the rooftop of a local business into a crowd gathered in what is considered a peaceful north Chicago suburb to the traditional 4th of July parade.

The 21-year-old man, who was arrested on Monday evening, remains in custody pending his court appearance, which is expected in the next few hours.

No reason has yet been established for this killing, said Mr. Covelli. However, it appears that the man opened fire randomly on the crowd, without particularly targeting a religious or ethnic group.

According to Mr. Covelli, Robert Crimo was able to climb onto the roof of a business using an exterior fire escape. After firing into the crowd, he left his gun behind and blended into the crowd. He mingled with people running around, almost as if he was an innocent bystander toohe described.

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The feminine clothes he wore allowed him to hide his identity and the tattoos he wears on his face. It is not excluded that he was wearing a wig, said Mr. Covelli, which could explain why the initial description of the suspect mentioned long hair.

The abandoned weapon, entrusted to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), played a major role in tracking down the killer, according to the Lake County sheriff’s deputy.

According to Mr. Covelli, Robert Crimo went after the killing to his mother’s home, where he borrowed his vehicle. When the police finally intercepted him a few hours later, they found another rifle in the car.

Other weapons were later found where Crimo lived. They were registered in his name and had also been purchased legally.

Deputy Chief Covelli declined to comment on Robert Crimo’s level of cooperation with the investigation, which is ongoing. Police have yet to study videos he posted online and meet with people who knew him.

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According to American media, the suspect’s publications on the internet were sometimes violent and made reference to weapons and shootings.

According to the Chicago Grandstanda video from eight months ago shows a young man believed to be Robert Crimo in a bedroom and classroom with posters of a gunman and people being shot.

I just need to do itindicates a voice that accompanies the video. It’s my destiny. Everything led me to this. Nothing can stop me, not even myself.

An uncle of the suspect, Paul Crimo, claimed on CNN on Tuesday that he had not seen no sign that would explain what he did.

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering told NBC that she knew the young man when he was a Boy Scout.

This is where you have to reflect and ask yourself what happened: how did someone become so angry, so full of hatred to go after innocent people spending a day with their families?she wondered.

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