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The history of Tulum influencers in a few Google trends


Internet users sought to discover the meaning of this little-known word, by entering the Google search bar ostrogoths, often followed by the mention definition.

The California giant’s Google Trends site lists the trends in queries made by Internet users on the Google search engine around the world.

However, we understand that finding the exact spelling was not an easy task, because several words such asaustragot“,” text “:” austragot “}}”> austragot ,“,” text “:” ostrago “}}”>ostrago and“,” text “:” hostrogo “}}”>hostrogo have also peaked in Google queries. It must be said that, during his press briefing on Wednesday afternoon, the Canadian Prime Minister remarkably pronounced ostrogoths.

The word was the fifth most popular query in Canada on Wednesday, with more than 50,000 searches completed. The strongest of this request was reached around 10 p.m. and was mainly concentrated in Quebec, but also in New Brunswick and Ontario.

Topping the Google trend list is airline Sunwing, one of whose planes took the tour group to Mexico. The word has been Googled more than 200,000 times by the Canadian population, with a high concentration in Quebec.

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In sixth position of the ranking, we can see the query airplane influencer, followed by James william awad, the trip organizer, andAir Canada suspending flights to Mexico“,” text “:” Air Canada suspending flights to Mexico “}}”>Air Canada suspending flights to Mexico (Air Canada suspends flights to Mexico), each of which has accumulated more than 20,000 searches.

Social networks of the party

The OD_Scoop Instagram account, which notably publishes screenshots of conversations between these influencers, has been assiduously followed by many Internet users. The word happened, positioning od scoop in the strong Google trends of the moment.

On TikTok, videos tagged with #odscoop garner some 5.3 million views, while those tagged #sunwing reach 3.7 million views.

Arnaud Soly took the leap by organizing a live video session Wednesday night on Instagram, playing a character of Quebec influencer traveling to Tulum. About 30,000 people were connected to have fun and admire the improvisational prowess of the comedian and other personalities who lent themselves to the game of making fun of these tourists.

The requests Arnaud Soly influencer,Instagram “,” text “:” Arnaud SolyInstagram “}}”>Arnaud Soly Instagram and live Arnaud Sol all have achieved Google search records. The shoot ended around 10 p.m. on the comedian’s Instagram account, but can still be viewed on his profile.

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