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The jury begins to deliberate at the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell


Ghislaine Maxwell, 59, faces a very long prison sentence if the 12 jurors find her guilty of providing young underage girls to Jeffrey Epstein – a multimillionaire financier of the American jet set – to exploit them sexually.

Jurors deliberated for nearly an hour at the end of the day and will meet again on Tuesday morning.

It’s time for her to be held to account, had launched the prosecutor Alison Moe during her indictment, on the last day of a three-week trial.

According to the prosecutor, Ms Maxwell was the key of the system put in place by Jeffrey Epstein to recruit young girls whom he sexually assaulted.

They carried out their misdeeds together, launched Alison Moe to the jury. Behind closed doors, […] they were committing horrible crimes.

Since the hearings began on November 29, prosecutors have sought to portray this Briton – who also has American and French nationality – as the accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein between 1994 and 2004, who committed suicide in prison two years ago. years, while awaiting his own trial.

In the Manhattan federal court room, Ghislaine Maxwell, dressed in a creamy white sweater and wearing a black mask, would often take notes that she passed to her attorneys or pasted on a file, while the prosecutor ensured that she was guilty.

Over the weeks of the trial, four women have testified against the daughter of former media mogul Robert Maxwell.

Two of the witnesses thus affirmed that they were not more than 14 years old when Ghislaine Maxwell encouraged them to lavish massages on Jeffrey Epstein, these ending in sexual acts.

One of them, known under the pseudonym Jane, detailed how Ghislaine Maxwell recruited her to a summer camp and made her feel special. Jane also recounted how dating and sex acts with Jeffrey Epstein had become routine, with Ghislaine Maxwell sometimes present.

Another witness, Carolyn, said she was usually paid $ 300 after each sexual encounter with Jeffrey Epstein, and that Ghislaine Maxwell often gave the money herself.

The defense pleadings

In its argument on Monday afternoon, the defense pointed out lack of proof of the prosecution and focused its line of defense on very bad and variable memory witnesses for events more than 25 years old.

There is no evidence that Ghislaine Maxwell coaxed any of the four women, who were then young girls, launched lawyer Laura Menninger to jurors.

These four witnesses all changed their version when the Epstein fonds was opened, she said, referring to an official mechanism of reparations drawn from the fortune of the billionaire after his death.

The defense lawyer asked jurors to acquit his client on all counts.

Ghislaine Maxwell refused to testify, limiting herself only to declaring that the prosecution had not proven her guilt. Your Honor, the Crown did not provide evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, so I don’t need to testify., she said on Friday.

A verdict before Christmas?

The trial was expected to last until January, but Ghislaine Maxwell could now know her fate before December 25, her 60th birthday.

If the jury does not reach a verdict by Wednesday night, they will go their separate ways for the Christmas weekend and meet again on Monday, December 27.

The jury must reach a unanimous decision to find Ghislaine Maxwell guilty. If not, then Judge Alison Nathan could cancel the trial, which will have to start from scratch.

Ghislaine Maxwell pleads not guilty to all counts, for which she faces up to a total of 80 years in prison, including a maximum of 40 years for trafficking in minors.

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