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The most beautiful flowers for Ukrainian soldiers | War in Ukraine


It is almost impossible to move in the street in front of the Saints-Apostles-Peter-and-Paul church in Lviv, it is so crowded. In the crowd, ordinary people, soldiers and bereaved families.

They came to attend the funeral of Yurii and Taras, two soldiers killed in the Luhansk region just a few days ago. Both were fathers.

Now their children are orphans, like thousands of others in Ukrainesays Galina, close to the family of one of them. I want to pay tribute to those who fought for our peaceful lifeshe adds.


The coffin of a fallen soldier is carried by his brothers in arms.

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Louis Blouin

A little further, Diana holds a bouquet of white roses in her hands. She lost Yurii, her longtime friend who was at the front. Before 1er April, when Yurii died, I was convinced that my friends would remain safe and sound, she says. The harsh reality of war caught up with her.

It’s awful. I never thought I would have to bury my friends. »

A quote from Diania, friend of a fallen soldier
A woman is holding a bouquet of flowers.

Diana lost her friend Yurii, a fallen soldier.

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Louis Blouin

The church is packed. Religious songs resound from the four corners of the great building. Anger, sadness and pain can be read on the faces. Hot tears run down her cheeks. Groups of soldiers, mixed with the crowd, listen in silence.

The priest tries to inspire resilience. Let’s be brave, don’t give up and live in hope of victoryhe said to the people gathered.

Words to soothe the pain that gnaws at Ukrainians.

A priest conducts a funeral.

The funeral of two Ukrainian soldiers is celebrated inside the Saints-Apostles-Peter-and-Paul church in Lviv.

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Louis Blouin

For many, the incomprehension remains total in the face of this war. It’s hard to express my emotions. Only tears can. It’s hard to believe that such inconceivable things can happen in the 21stand century. Where is humanity? Where is the humanism? asks Marya, moved, outside the church.

I am heartbroken every time I learn of the death of an innocent person or of a soldier who is defending our country. Women and children are abandoned. It hurts. »

A quote from Marya, close to the family of a missing soldier

Diana, she believes in trying to overcome the ordeal. We have to accept [ces morts]. Otherwise the enemy wins. If the enemy wins, he destroys usshe concludes.

A bouquet of flowers.

A bouquet of flowers placed in front of a church in Lviv to honor the memory of killed soldiers.

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Louis Blouin

Before the departure of the funeral vehicles where the coffins were deposited, people rush to make a symbolic gesture.

Everyone wants to cover these two soldiers with the most beautiful flowers.

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