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The most used emojis in the world in 2021


Despite the 3660 choices of images offered, originality is not always there. Thus, the 100 most popular figures total 82% of the total share of emojis for 2021. In this list, smiling faces and hands in different positions dominate.

At the top of the list of the 10 most popular emojis, we find the one who laughs till tears. On its own, it occupies nearly 5% of all the pictograms used by Internet users. His parent, the one who laughs to tears but leans to the side, comes in third position.

Love reigns in the midst of these two sneering emojis, as the red heart symbol comes in second. The thumb rolled up arrives at the foot of the podium, followed by the face that weeps like a tap and that of the hands symbolizing a prayer.

The least popular emojis are those for flags, although they are the category with the most images, at 258.

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Data similar to 2019

This list remains similar to that offered by Unicode in 2019. The Consortium had not published a list for the year 2020.

Some more explicit symbols, like the microbe, end up in the 500 most used images. The emoji wearing a procedural mask was more popular than in 2019, dropping from 186th to 156th, a weak result considering this item is paramount in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Among the most popular emojis are the chocolate cake, which dropped from 113th to 25th, and the red balloon, from 139th to 48th. The latter could be explained by the release of the second film That (It) in fall 2019, featuring the evil clown Pennywise and his iconic red balloon.

This list does not include data for emojis that have been used by the public for less than a year, to ensure that the rankings reflect actual use, according to the Unicode site.

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The full Unicode list can be viewed on the Consortium website (New window).

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