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The new Kirby game will be released at the end of March


The official release date was announced on Wednesday, via a new trailer.

Hero of twenty video game adventures since his appearance on the Game Boy portable console in 1992, Kirby is busy defending the magical Dream Land kingdom, located on the Pop Planet. One of his most famous skills is his ability to replicate the powers of his enemies by sucking them in.

While the game series usually adopts the classic horizontal scrolling format, Kirby and The Forgotten Land on the other hand, will be deployed in an open world.

The new plot places the adorable chubby guy in a post-apocalyptic universe, littered with abandoned structures, including a former shopping mall.

The trailer informs us that Kirby will have a huge array of superpowers at his disposal, including the ability to fire cannonballs, transform into a tornado, wield an oversized hammer, or drill into the earth.

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For the first time in the history of the main series, Kirby will be able to be equipped with a rifle, which here takes the form of a sort of lethal megaphone.

Note that Nintendo has uploaded a web pageHave (New window)Have (in English only) indicating the peculiarities of the new adventures of its popular mascot.

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