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The New York Times audience exploded thanks to Wordle


The New York Times Company (NYTC) news group also said that the digital version of the newspaper saw a net increase of 387,000 subscribers in the first quarter, out of a total that now stands at 9.1 million.

The NYTC, however, did not disclose what percentage of these new subscriptions represent Wordle followers.

Created by Welsh engineer Josh Wardle, the game involves discovering a five-letter word in just six tries. The platform only uploads one word per day.

According to New York Times, the game, which launched in October 2021, had just 90 players when it debuted. In January, more than 300,000 people were playing it, and the group says that now millions of people play Wordle daily, bought for a seven-figure sum.

The acquisition is part of the diversification of the New York Timeswhich already offers a game-specific subscription, featuring crossword puzzles, a service that recently passed one million subscribers.

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the New York Times indicated in January that Wordle would remain free and assured that its configuration would not be changed.

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