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The next GTA bets on a female protagonist, a first for the series


A glass ceiling is about to be shattered in the popular open-world video game series Grand Theft Auto (GTA): the next title to be released, the brand’s sixth, will have a woman as its main character, according to reports the Bloomberg agency.

This is the first time that fans of the series of games launched in 1997 will be able to embody a playable female main character in a single-player campaign mode. It was possible to interpret a woman in the online multiplayer version of the game, GTA Online.

Bloomberg, who spoke to people familiar with the matter, describes this main character as a Latin American woman who is part of a duo of villains inspired by the famous outlaw couple Bonnie and Clyde. She will therefore share the headliner with a male character.

Rockstar Games, which signs the game, has also decided to reduce jokes about marginalized groups from its next title.

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A launch planned in two years

The publisher has yet to reveal a release schedule for GTA VII (the unofficial title), but analysts believe it will launch between April 2023 and March 2024.

The video game giant only confirmed in February that it was working on a sequel for its flagship series, almost 10 years after the launch of GTA Vin 2013.

Since the very first installment in the series, the game has been criticized for its violence. Taking place in an open world, it allows players to embody lawless thugs, who are used to running into anything that moves inside realistic settings similar to the cities of New York, San Francisco or Miami.

According to information from Bloomberg, the game will first take place in a fictional version of Miami, with other cities added on a regular basis.

As of February, an estimated 230 million copies of games related to the series have been sold worldwide.

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