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The origins of the Montreal Insectarium


On February 9, 1990, when it opened, the show magazine edition is interested in the first museum in North America entirely devoted to entomology.

The Insectarium collection, presented on February 9, 1990 on the program “Édition magazine”.

On site, journalist Sylvie Perron presents the Insectarium collection. It includes insects from all over the world arranged in an interactive way, including installations that reveal surprising data. For those who fear or hate insects, the journalist ensures that a complete tour of the exhibition allows you to reconcile with these little creatures.

The Montreal Insectarium has 350,000 insect specimens. Of this number, 250,000 come from the personal collection of Quebec entomologist Georges Brossard. It is also to this great insect enthusiast that we owe the foundation of this museum reserved for entomology.

The passion and audacity of Georges Brossard

For ten years, the self-taught entomologist traveled the planet in search of the most varied creatures. He thus amassed the largest private collection of insects in the world. A collection he donated to the Montreal Insectarium.

Portrait of Georges Brossard on the program “Découverte” on November 10, 1991.

The show Discovery of November 10, 1991 paints the portrait of Georges Brossard.

With his impressive collection in his pocket, the notary turned entomologist devoted all his energy to designing a museum to the glory of insects.

Collections like that, so beautiful, so prestigious, cannot belong to just one man. »

A quote from George Brossard

By opening his collection to the general public, Georges Brossard wishes to give it an educational mission. His clear vision and contagious passion managed to convince the City of Montreal to found an Insectarium.

In this interview with journalist Mario Masson, Georges Brossard explains the capital importance of insects for the ecology of the planet.

They are the greatest drainers in the service of man! »

A quote from George Brossard

Only 1% of insects, he explains, are considered harmful to humans. The Montreal Insectarium allows us to better understand their role and, in the eyes of its founder, to rehabilitate them.

Georges Brossard participated in all stages of the creation of the museum. He dreamed of a temple, a monument specially erected for them. Successful bet. With its playful and educational nature, the Montreal Insectarium has been a great success since its opening.

Interview with Georges Brossard, February 5, 2010

In this interview of February 5, 2010, Georges Brossard reviews the first twenty years of the Montreal Insectarium with journalist Michel Rochon.

After the one in Montreal, Georges Brossard designed large-scale insectariums in Shanghai, China and New Orleans, Louisiana. They were impressed by the beauty, size and vocation of the Montreal Insectariumhe suggests on these international contracts.

Me, I network with insects! »

A quote from George Brossard

Across the country, the insect enthusiast also continues to set up insectariums that fulfill a mission that is both touristic and educational. The Montreal Insectarium nevertheless remains the most charismatic in the eyes of Georges Brossard. He is the most emotional for mehe says in this interview.

An insectarium is related to nature, the environment, ecology, conservation, science, research, culture, education! »

A quote from George Brossard

For Georges Brossard, an insectarium is a quality recreational activity that continues to arouse enthusiasm over time. As proof, the Montreal Insectarium has attracted 500,000 visitors a year for twenty years.

At the time of its thirtieth anniversary, in 2019, the museum temporarily closed its doors for a makeover. In the spring of 2022, visitors to the Montreal Insectarium will discover a space whose surface area will be 68% larger than before and whose collection will be in line with Georges Brossard’s vision.

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