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The “overall risk” linked to Omicron still very high, warns the WHO | Coronavirus


The level of risk linked to the Omicron variant remains very high, estimated the World Health Organization (WHO) in its weekly bulletin, the number of contaminations with COVID-19 having reached a new record last week.

Based on currently available data, the overall risk with Omicron remains very highwarned the organization.

slowershe said, however.

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L’World Health Organization also reported 50,000 new deaths, a stable figure from last week.

The Omicron variant remains dominant worldwide. The prevalence of the Delta variant is continuously decreasing while Alpha, Beta and Gamma variants circulate very weak[ment].

Countries that saw a spike in Omicron cases in November and December 2021 have seen or are starting to see a drop in cases [actuellement]. »

A quote from Excerpt from the WHO weekly bulletin

Omicron accounted for 89.1% of coronavirus specimens collected and examined in the past 30 days.

The data, uploaded to the global database GISAID, also shows that Delta, which previously dominated, now accounts for just 10.7% of cases.

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