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The Pope castigates violence against women, an “outrage” against God


The Pope dedicated his message at the end of the first Angelus prayer of 2022 to the need to stop violence in the world, on the occasion of the 55e world day of prayer for peace.

Under sunny skies, the head of the Catholic Church, which has 1.3 billion faithful, spoke from his window in the Apostolic Palace to the crowd gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

There is no need to let down and complain, but to roll up your sleeves to build peace, he said. Let’s go home with peace, peace, peace in mind. We need peace.

Francis, who turned 85 on December 17 and will begin the ninth year of his pontificate in March, recalled that peace presupposes concrete actions and is built with attention to the little ones, with the promotion of justice, with the courage of forgiveness, which extinguishes the fire of hatred.

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It requires a positive perspective also, which sees, in the Church as well as in society, not the evil that divides us, but the good that unites us.

Previously, during a mass in St. Peter’s Basilica in honor of the Virgin Mary, the Pope denounced violence against women as an insult to God.

The Church is mother, the Church is woman, he estimated. And while mothers give birth and women keep the world, let’s all make sure to promote mothers and protect women.

How much violence there is against women! Enough! To hurt a woman is to insult God who took the humanity of a woman.

A quote from Pope Francis

Building peace

In a message released on December 21 by the Vatican for World Peace Day, the Pope recommended three ways to build lasting peace, dialogue between generations, education and work, essential for the elaboration of a social pact, without which any peace project is inconsistent.

The text underlined that the budget devoted to education has been reduced noticeably in recent years in the world, unlike military spending which has exceeded the level of the end of the cold war.

The Pope took up these themes on Saturday after the Angelus, evoking the uncertain and difficult times due to the pandemic.

Many are afraid of the future and overwhelmed by social situations, personal problems, the dangers of the ecological crisis, injustices and planetary economic imbalances., he said.

As I look at Mary holding her child in her arms, I think of young mothers and their children fleeing wars and famine or waiting in refugee camps.

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