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The Queen of Denmark celebrates 50 years on the throne


The ceremony took place in the context of a pandemic which led to the postponement of certain events until September.

The pandemic had already interfered with parties surrounding the popular queen’s 80th birthday in 2020. Several guests were forced to cancel their attendance at this year’s ceremonies. These include the Queen’s younger sister, former Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, whose husband was infected with COVID-19. The Greek monarchy was abolished in the 1970s.

Accompanied by her other sister, Princess Benedikte, and her two sons (including Crown Prince Frederik) and their wives, the Queen laid a wreath at her parents’ grave at Roskilde Cathedral, west of Copenhagen, where members of the Danish royal family have been buried since 1559.

She also met with members of the government and attended a ceremony in parliament.

While we were able to go ahead with Friday’s celebrations, the Jubilee ceremonies scheduled for Saturday have been postponed. Queen Margrethe was to be acclaimed by thousands of people on the balcony of Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen; travel through the streets of the capital aboard a horse-drawn carriage; attend a gala at the Royal Theatre; and attend a banquet.

Her father, King Frederik IX, died after a short illness on January 14, 1972. Eyes reddened, the 31-year-old appeared the next day on the balcony of Christiansborg Palace in downtown Copenhagen , and was proclaimed queen in front of thousands of people.

Her 50-year reign is preceded only by that of British Queen Elizabeth II, whose 70 years on the throne will be celebrated this year. In her spare time, Margrethe enjoys painting, drawing, illustrating books, creating religious textiles and embroidering.

Born during the German occupation

Born on April 16, 1940, a week after Nazi Germany began to occupy Denmark during World War II, the princess became a beacon of hope for many Danes during the conflict.

In 1953, the Danish Constitution was amended after a referendum which saw 85% of the participants vote in favor of the succession of women, which allowed her to become queen later.

Succession was previously only a matter of men. The rise of feminism, and the fact that King Frederik and Queen Ingrid had only daughters influenced public opinion.

The Danish Constitution grants no real political power to Margrethe, but she knows the law very well and knows the tenor of the laws she is asked to sign.

She is known for her outspokenness during her televised New Year’s speeches, which contributes to her high popularity. She recently launched an appeal to fight selfishness, the integration of foreigners and the fight against loneliness.

Queen Margrethe has repeatedly dismissed suggestions that she should abdicate in favor of Crown Prince Frederik, who is 52.

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