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The rebellion against the UN continues in the Democratic Republic of Congo


When a group of youths attempted to besiege the headquarters of the Mission of theUN for the stabilization of the ground floorknown as MONUSCO, in Uvira, the police used warning shots to disperse them.

A high-voltage electric wire was hit by bullets and fell on four protesters who were electrocuted to deathaccording to local authorities.

Demonstrations against the UN mission erupted earlier this week.

On Tuesday, in the neighboring province of North Kivu, 3 peacekeepers and 12 demonstrators were killed during the rallies.

On the same day, Ottawa confirmed that the Canadian peacekeepers were safe and sound. Six members of the Canadian Armed Forces are present in ground floor.

The demonstrators accuse the mission of theUN to be ineffective in tracking down the hundred or so local and foreign armed groups that have been active in eastern Congo for nearly 30 years.

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On Monday and Tuesday, protesters ransacked, looted and destroyed UN mission facilities in Goma, Butembo and Nyamilima, according to several testimonies.

The government and the MONUSCO announced on Tuesday that they had opened an investigation to find out the causes and the course of these incidents.

The demonstrators responded to a call from associations and politicians, in particular the citizen movement Fight for Change (Lucha), the youth of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS, ruling party) or the President of the Senate , Modeste Bahati, who had invited the MONUSCO at pack up and leaving after 22 years of presence in ground floor.

Present in ground floor since 1999, the MONUC who became the MONUSCO in 2010, has more than 14,000 peacekeepers, with an annual budget of $1 billion.

Involvement of foreign soldiers

According to a report from theNGO Initiative for Human Rights in Burundi (IDHB), hundreds of Burundian soldiers and militiamen were smuggled into eastern ground floor since the end of 2021 to hunt down the rebel group RED-Tabara.

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The Burundian army has always denied any secret operation.

According to’NGO based abroad, which collected numerous testimonies (soldiers, families, members of the ruling party and the opposition), soldiers and imbonerakure – members of the ruling party’s youth movement – ​​were secretly deployed as early as December 2021.

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