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The Russian army continues its advance towards important Ukrainian cities | War in Ukraine


The Russian army has arrived at the gates of the Ukrainian city of Kherson, in the south of the country, north of Crimea, the mayor of the city said on Monday night. In the previous hours, satellite images showed that a large Russian motorized convoy was making its way, slowly but surely, towards Kiev.

At the entrances to Kherson, the Russian army has set up checkpoints. It’s hard to say how the situation will developwrote on his Facebook page Igor Kolikhaïev, mayor of Kherson, a city with almost 290,000 inhabitants. Kherson is and remains Ukrainian […] Kherson resists!he added.

Kremlin forces are also on the move in the north of the country. After a weekend of shelling and skirmishes in and around Kiev, a large Russian army convoy approaches the capital. It would be about 25 kilometers from the city, according to a US defense official.

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Satellite images released late Monday showed columns of military vehicles stretching some 60 kilometers northwest of Kiev.

A long column of Russian military vehicles on a rural road seen from the air.

The convoy is near the Antonov airport in the Kiev region.

Photo: Associated Press

Residents of the town still in place began preparing the ground for the arrival of motorized and armored forces. Trenches and makeshift road barricades have multiplied in recent days.

Further east, not far from the Russian border, more than 70 Ukrainian soldiers died after Russian shelling targeted a military base in Okhtyrka, the governor of the Sumy region announced in a Facebook post.

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