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The secret language of animals could be decoded thanks to prairie dogs


An Arizona biologist, Con Slobodchikoff, is trying to decode the secret language of animals by studying prairie dogs. Through his research, he hopes to develop new technology that translates animal language into verbal and somatic form.

After decades of research, Con Slobodchikoff discovered that prairie dogs can describe the attributes of their predators through their alarm calls. He claims that several scientific tests show that these animals have a very elaborate communication system.

Our research demonstrates that prairie dogs can not only describe the species of their predators as coyotes, humans, or hawks, but also their physical attributes. »

A quote from Con Slobodchikoff, biologist and president of Zoolingua

University of Arizona associate professor Jennifer Verdolin collaborated with Con Slobodchikoff to study prairie dogs. She claims that these animals can also communicate through kissing.

Although research cannot indicate what kind of information is communicated by this unique method, several theories exist about the kind of communication when prairie dogs kiss.

Dialects that vary by region

Jennifer Verdolin says prairie dogs also have different dialects that vary depending on the regions they inhabit.

There are geographic variations in how they communicate, which is very similar to what we find in humans. Prairie dogs that live in different regions have very different ways of communicating. »

A quote from Jennifer Verdolin, associate professor at the University of Arizona

Jennifer Verdolin also thinks that differences in communication styles could show that colonies of prairie dogs have different cultures.

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