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The smartphone has become in 2021 the favorite device to go on the web


This was said by 47% of respondents to a survey conducted in October 2021 and covering the previous 12 months, compared to 40% the previous year. It exceeds the computer, which reaches 35%, compared to 41% in 2020.

These figures appear in the last NETendances: digital portrait of Quebec householdsHave (New window)Havean annual report from Laval University’s Digital Transformation Academy released on Wednesday.

This report indicates in particular that 83% of adults in Quebec have a smartphone, the same percentage as for computers, while the percentage reaches 57% for tablets. Connected watches and bracelets are the type of device that has seen the biggest increase in popularity this year, adopted by 27% of the population.

More time spent in front of screens

A trend already observed last year continues to be significant in the relationship of Quebec households with digital technology, as the pandemic drags on and teleworking is widespread: the increase in time spent in front of screens.

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More than half of adults said their screen time had increased in the 12 months prior to the study. Specifically, 30% of those questioned say that he has much increasedand 28%, that he has a little increased. This time remained the same for 32% of people, and decreased for only 3%.

Furthermore, the greater use of digital devices seems to have had an effect on the Internet connection needs of the population. Among the people who responded to the study, 34% said they had changed their plan for a faster connection at home, the same proportion of people who indicated that they had switched to an Internet plan of the type unlimited.

Investigation NETtrends 2021 was conducted online with 1,033 adult Internet users between October 8 and October 20, 2021. Respondents who do not use the Internet responded by telephone.

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