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In Quebec, in the winter of 1997, the Tamagotchi was the most popular toy to slip under the Christmas tree, as evidenced by the news bulletin. Montreal tonight of 23 October 1997.

Montreal tonight, October 23, 1997

The Tamagotchis may well be the star toy of our Christmas in Quebec

A quote from Host Pascale Nadeau

Specialized stores, supermarkets, but also supermarkets and pharmacies are supplied accordingly, explains Anne-Louise Despatie in her report.

The journalist compares the craze for this virtual animal to that for Bout d’chou dolls a few years earlier which played the card of realism with an adoption certificate. The Tamagotchi even have a cemetery on the web, she observes.

“It’s extremely time-consuming as a toy,” warns Danielle Charbonneau, of the Association des consommateurs du Québec.

This little virtual companion who flutters on the screen of his miniature console indeed requires a lot of attention. With sound warnings, he must be fed, washed, entertained and cuddled.

Connected, September 7, 1997

We have a solution to your loneliness, you can now adopt a virtual small animal!

A quote from Journalist Sophie Lambert

“A virtual friend is a small creature who lives on a screen and who demands that its owner take care of him continuously”, defines journalist Sophie Lambert on the show Plugged of September 7, 1997.

His report offers a complete portrait of virtual companions. We meet a young boy, Maxime Doucet-Benoit, who had to fall back on an imitation of the Japanese original: the dinogotchi.

As soon as I saw this, I wanted to have one straight away!

A quote from Maxime Doucet-Benoit

Maxime takes great care of his virtual animal. If he longed to own this toy like a friend, however, it cannot replace a real pet. “I like my cat all the time more than my dinogotchi,” he explains.

The trend in 1997 is also for animal software on computers and, for adults, for the virtual friend who can take a human form on our computer, explains journalist Sophie Lambert.

What do the next few years have in store for us? she asks herself at the end of the report. “Perhaps we will one day converse with friends in human form, but who will in reality be entirely virtual,” suggests Sophie Lambert.

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