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The war in Ukraine on the information front | War in Ukraine


Our contributor Alexandra Szacka did the exercise of listening to Russian state-controlled media.

Observation: it presents false information, aimed at discrediting the resistance and the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenski, explains the one who was a journalist on TurnedNews.com for 30 years.

Especially since alternative sources of information to Kremlin propaganda are increasingly rare, with the Russian government blocking access to independent media. This is the case of the Dojd online television channel and the Echo of Moscow radio station, which were both banned from the airwaves on Tuesday.

For the state-controlled media, the field is free to spread their discourse – hegemonic and irrevocable – to Russian viewers, evokes the columnist.

A rescue operation

The ongoing war is presented as a humanitarian action to free Ukrainians from their government [et] of their president who is a neo-Nazi nationalist and drug addict on top of that, literally explains Alexandra Szacka.

Russian state media repeat that their army constantly offers humanitarian corridors, but the Ukrainian Nazis hold their population hostage, and do not allow them to leave the combat zones she continues.

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This rescue-like operation is being undermined by a tyrannical Western-backed Ukrainian government, propaganda media report.

From the perspective presented to the Russian public, the Ukrainian government distributes weapons to shady individuals who then terrorize the population says Alexandra Szacka.

Our correspondent in Russia Tamara Alteresco went to a bus station in Saint Petersburg where people are looking for ways to leave the country. The fear of having to join the Russian army persists among some, even if this scenario is not planned for the moment.

Others try to leave the climate of censorship of this isolated country on the international scene, she says.

Disinformation culture

Russians know that fighting is breaking out across the border, but its scale is downplayed by the propaganda media.

They know that a military operation is being carried out in Ukraine, but the word war is strictly and formally forbidden in the Russian media, imagine. So we are not allowed to use it. What we use as an expression is “the special operation of denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine”. »

A quote from Alexandra Szacka, columnist at TurnedNews.com

The hold of the Russian authorities on the media is such that two days after the start of the Russian invasion, a long article was published in several newspapers. The headline was ”Vladimir Putin solves the Ukrainian question once and for all” […] Vladimir Putin’s doctrine is here: it’s the end of Western domination.

Reported information suggested that Ukraine had joined, along with Belarus and Russia, the eurasian empirean entity presented on an equal footing with the other major international military alliances.

The article was taken down a few days after it was published, coinciding with the slowdown in the Russian incursion into Ukrainian territory.

Many Russians oppose the speech presented by the Kremlin and the war in Ukraine, but they are immediately considered traitors by law, a threat that seems to cool the challenge.

With information from Tamara Alteresco, Simona Kralova and Sandro Vetsko (BBC)

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