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The wealthy assassin Robert Durst dies in prison


The multimillionaire has passed away natural causes linked to the long list of medical issues that we have repeatedly raised in court over the past two yearssaid lawyer Chip Lewis.

Robert Durst was convicted in September by a Los Angeles court of killing his friend Susan Berman with a bullet to the head at the latter’s home in 2000, in Beverly Hills.

Daughter of a Las Vegas mobster and mystery writer, Ms. Berman had improvised a spokesperson for Robert Durst when he appeared as the number one suspect in his wife Kathleen’s disappearance in 1982.

The prosecution believes that he ended up killing Ms. Berman for fear that she would incriminate him by answering questions from the New York police officers investigating the disappearance. The couple were in turmoil when Kathleen Durst had passed out in the wild.

The wealthy heir had told police that she had taken a train to the couple’s accommodation in Manhattan, but had given no sign of life.

The next morning, a woman claiming to be called Kathleen Durst called the medical school where she was attending classes to say she was ill, but the prosecution believes it was actually Ms Berman.

HBO documentary revives the case

The investigation into this disappearance was relaunched in 2000 thanks to The jinx, HBO documentary series dedicated to Robert Durst.

Police had contacted Ms. Berman and she was later found lying in blood at her California home.

Robert Durst claimed during his trial that he found his friend’s body while visiting her, but maintains that he did not kill her.

He was formally charged with the murder of his wife in New York last October shortly after his life sentence in California.

Black sheep from one of the biggest families in New York real estate, Robert Durst was arrested in March 2015 on the eve of the broadcast of The jinx.

The series revisited another bloody episode in Robert Durst’s life: the murder of a neighbor, which he then dismembered with an ax and a saw, then thrown into the sea.

The sulphurous millionaire had at the time taken refuge in Texas, where he lived disguised as a woman and claimed to be silent, in a small sordid apartment.

He had been acquitted of this crime thanks to an army of prestigious lawyers who had pleaded a mixture of self-defense, an accidental gunshot and acts committed under the influence of alcohol.

Involuntary confession

During his trial in Texas, Robert Durst admitted having dismembered his neighbor in an attempt to make him disappear, fearing that no one would believe in the thesis of self-defense.

In The jinxMr Durst seemed to be making an involuntary admission to his responsibility for these murders, whispering to himself as he was in the bathroom and his wireless microphone was not turned off: What did I do? I killed them all, of course.

During an interview with prosecutors after his arrest, Mr. Durst defended himself by claiming that he was under the influence of drugs during the filming of the documentary and that these words therefore meant nothing in particular.

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