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The XE variant of the coronavirus, a new concern for experts


The XE variant is a “recombination”. That is to say that these are two sub-variants of the coronavirus, here the BA.1 and BA.2 of Omicron, which “stick together, […] and [le nouveau variant] will have both a segment of virus A and virus B”. This is explained by the researcher and specialist in virology at the National Institute of Scientific Research in Quebec Alain Lamarre. Even if we do not yet fully know the dangerousness of the XE variant, this “recombination” nevertheless brings its share of questions, according to the researcher.

It could create [chez le variant XE] quite different properties from the original viruses. »

A quote from

Alain Lamarre

The one who is also a professor points out that it is more the immune response that is a source of concern. Among other things, he notes a greater “potential for mutation and [une possible meilleure] resistance “.

Alain Lamarre examines the question of vaccines and their adaptations necessary to respond to the different variants, which are always more numerous.

The specialist is also considering the future of the Covifenz vaccine from Medicago despite the advice of the Committee on Immunization of Quebec (CIQ) to focus on mRNA vaccines.

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