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This Japanese grandfather’s watercolors are all the rage on YouTube


His Watercolor by Shibasaki channel mainly offers drawing and painting lessons in Japanese with English subtitles. His grandchildren and his two cats often invite themselves on the videos.

Hello, this is Shibasaki. How are you all doing? asks the 74-year-old artist with the white mane and mustache with a smile.

Harumichi Shibasaki makes all of his videos himself from his home in the Japanese countryside, using a smart phone, camera and lighting device.

When I was little, we didn’t even have a TV at home, he told Agence France-Presse. I never imagined that an era like this could exist.

For him, being so connected to people all over the world is like a dream.

Growing popularity during the pandemic

His channel saw a surge in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic after Shibasaki asked netizens to draw with him as people were told to stay home.

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The video received many comments from people around the world saying relaxed and soothedor complimenting Mr. Shibasaki on his way of speaking so nice which helps to sleep in peace.

Passionate about drawing since his childhood, this only son of a couple practicing agriculture in Chiba, near Tokyo, left at the age of 18 to study fine arts in the capital, before teaching them in turn.

Harumichi Shibasaki records a video of his painting technique in May 2022.

Photo: dpa via getty images / KAZUHIRO NOGI

It was on the encouragement of his son that he launched his YouTube channel. He uses his talent as a teacher there, but he also makes it a space for exchange with subscribers, who do not hesitate to confide in the comments.

They sure think they can tell me anythingexplains Mr. Shibasaki, who himself discusses his health problems in his videos.

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After undergoing six heart surgeries, he says he a very concrete image of death and really understand people’s problems.

Harumichi Shibasaki makes videos at his home, indoors and outdoors.

Photo: dpa via getty images / KAZUHIRO NOGI

He hopes to continue painting as long as possible, but as he grows older eyesight drops and hands shakehe worries.

I think I can draw correctly for another five years, he believes. So if I can produce paintings that will stay with me, that’s what I want to do.

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