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Thousands of demonstrators in France against the far right | French Presidential 2022


Not a voice for Marine Le Pen!the candidate of the National Rally (RN, far right), hammered the organizers in front of several hundred demonstrators in Lille (north).

We are here […] for society, freedoms, but also the climate. It would be a real regression if she came to powerexplains to AFP Jean-François Julliard, director general of Greenpeace France in Paris where several thousand people have mobilized.

In Lyon (center-east), where the demonstrators are mostly young people, Emma, ​​23, a student, says she is mobilizing against the trivialization of dangerous ideas, against racism, exclusion, potential dictatorshipand uses a slogan: To those who dare to vote for racist laws, everyone answers: resistance!

Marine Le Pen, who spoke to the press earlier in the morning in Saint-Rémy-sur-Avre (north-west), estimated that come and demonstrate against the results of an election is deeply anti-democratic.

I think the French find it unpleasant to see that their choice is thus contested in the street, through demonstrations. »

A quote from Marine Le Pen, RN candidate, who won 23.1% of the vote in the first round

By rejecting Marine Le Pen, it is a question of preventing the advent of a social project that destroys the rule of law, the social and united democratic republic that we defend every day.say in their press release the organizers of the demonstrations.

These are about thirty organizations and unions, such as SOS Racisme, the CGT, the Syndicate of the judiciary or the national union of journalists.

Emmanuel Macron is not spared

  Demonstration in Paris one week before the second round of the presidential election.

A participant in demonstrations against the far right, but not necessarily in favor of outgoing President Emmanuel Macron.


In these processions bathed in sunshine, if the demonstrators are all against the far right, they do not spare the outgoing president.

Activist of SOS Racisme, Sasha Halgand regrets being faced with a Macron/Le Pen duel that young people do not wantbut if Marine Le Pen came to power, there would be fascist militias, draconian laws.

Lucile Muller, a 19-year-old student in Paris, disputes the two candidates: We already had the same result five years ago, but we did not know Macron. There, we saw police violence, draconian laws […] We would have liked to have the choice, with a second round Mélenchon / Macron, with debates on ecology for example.

2002 was no, 2022 is still no

But for Aneth Hambert, 25 and environmental activist in Lille, voting Macron means allowing to choose who we oppose […] We will have the possibility of organizing a strong opposition.

In Paris, a sign recalled: 2002 was no, 2022 is still noan allusion to the first round of the presidential election 20 years ago.

France then found itself in shock when it discovered the qualification of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the father of Marine and founder of the National Front (ex-RN) for a second round, finally won by the conservative candidate Jacques Chirac. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators then took to the streets to call for Jean-Marie Le Pen to be blocked at the ballot box.

In Nice (south-east), a hundred people gathered on Saturday, where in 2002000 between the two rounds”,”text”:”it was 20000 between the two rounds”}}’>we were 20,000 between the two roundsremembers Jean-Pierre Lamort, 77 years old.

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