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TikTok is testing a PC service that could compete with Twitch


According to the specialized site TechCrunch, the several thousand Internet users who have access to the software must download the application on their PC, then authenticate with their TikTok account.

The program makes it possible to communicate with Internet users online by messaging. It can also broadcast content from consoles or smart phones connected to the computer.

Internet users shared screenshots of the TikTok software on Twitter. This is particularly the case with Zach Bussey, who shows a very basic platform including landscape and portrait modes of the streaming. The option of cutting game sequences also seems to be offered.

This is TikTok’s first real foray into computers. The app has so far focused its efforts on creating content from smartphones and tablets, even for live broadcasts.

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Third party sites like Streamlabs and Loola.tv (which works with OBS software) offer the service on PC, but access to TikTok is limited or even disabled, according to what can be read on the help pages of web software.

The social network therefore encroaches more on the playing field of the Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming platforms, which have already proven their worth with the community of video game enthusiasts.

TikTok remains discreet about its tool, and we do not know if it will one day be offered on a larger scale.

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