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TikTok more frequented than Google in 2021


Cloudflare draws up the top 10 websites every year (New window) whose traffic is the most important. The list includes big names, like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Apple and Facebook. It is therefore an achievement for TikTok to have succeeded in measuring itself against Google.com and all its services, including Maps, Translation, Photos and News.

The security company notes that the app, owned by Chinese giant ByteDance, climbed to the world summit for the first time on February 17, 2021, before dropping back down and taking the lead a few times in March and June. Finally, TikTok has continued to be at the top of the ranking since the end of August.

This is the second year in a row that TikTok has slipped into this list, positioning itself in 7th place in 2020. The app is also the only one not to be US-owned.

The social network has been gaining followers from all walks of life since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. If initially TikTok was the favorite of teenagers who love to dance, it is now a revered marketing tool and an inexhaustible source of content that is sometimes entertaining, sometimes educational.

The 10 most popular websites

  1. TikTok.com

  2. Google.com

  3. Facebook.com

  4. Microsoft.com

  5. Apple.com

  6. Amazon.com

  7. Netflix.com

  8. YouTube.com

  9. Twitter.com

  10. Whatsapp.com

TikTok also dethroned Facebook as the most popular social network in 2021. Cloudflare points out, however, that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network remains from afar the one with the most users. Reddit, which has gained popularity this year, has been stable since 2020, at number seven in the ranking.

The 10 most popular social networks

  1. TikTok.com

  2. Facebook.com

  3. YouTube.com

  4. Twitter.com

  5. Instagram.com

  6. Snapchat.com

  7. Reddit.com

  8. Pinterest.com

  9. LinkedIn.com

  10. Quora.com

Cloudflare has also compiled a list of the most visited sites in the metaverse. That of the game Roblox tops the charts, followed by Fortnite, from Epic Games, and Secondlife.com. Oculus and Minecraft did not rank, which the company explains is that the two sites do not have enough direct traffic, that is to say that it is not necessary to connect to the domain to frequent these platforms.

When it comes to streaming platforms, Netflix still reigns supreme, despite the growing supply. YouTube comes in second, followed by Roki and HBOMax. Disney + comes in seventh, according to Cloudflare.

The 10 most popular streaming platforms

  1. Netflix.com

  2. YouTube.com

  3. Roku.com

  4. HBOMax.com

  5. Hulu.com

  6. Peacocktv.com

  7. Disneyplus.co

  8. ParamountPlus.com

  9. Sling.com

  10. Iq.com

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