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TikTok now allows people to register as an avatar


These avatars compete with Snapchat’s bitmoji and Apple’s memoji. Like the latter, TikTok avatars can be personalized thanks to a multitude of accessories and face and makeup options.

Once the avatar has been created, it will be possible for a user to record a video and replace themselves with their avatar in it. Facial expressions and movements will thus be reproduced by the virtual character.

We are pleased to launch the first version of TikTok avatars globally and will continue to improve this feature to ensure the experience is truly representative of everyone who is on TikTok.the network said in a statement.

TikTok has indeed wanted the personalization of avatars to be as inclusive as possible in order to allow its content creators to optimize the expression of their creativity and individuality. The network is working with a collective of diverse creators and says it will listen to public feedback to improve this new feature.

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