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TikTok Shines the Spotlight on Some of 2021’s Most Popular Videos


The popular social network for young people, the very popular TikTok, has unveiled some of the videos that have circulated the most on its platform in 2021.

The press release from TikTok, owned by Chinese group ByteDance, does not talk about the most popular videos, but rather lists five pieces of content by creators of Canada who were some of the most memorable moments this year on the platform.

At the top, the social network places a short video of Torontonian Spencer West, an advocate for the rights of LGBTQ + people and those living with a disability. We see him move around his apartment on his hands, he who is amputated under the torso, humming.

In second place is content creator Celinaspookyboo, with a compilation of her most hilarious sleepwalking episodes, caught on a night camera in her bedroom.

Elsewhere in the world, the first-ranked video by TikTok is from user ToTouchAnEmu from Austin, TX. He films himself there with a drone moving his ass to the sound of the very popular song Stay, by The Kid Laroi and Canadian Justin Bieber.

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This song is in second place on the Canadian charts for songs selected by TikTok as some of the favorites of its community in 2021. It is second to SugarCrash!, by Ely Otto.

In its Canadian Revelations of the Year, TikTok mentions Spencer West, videographer Leenda Dong and Inuk influencer Shina Novalinga, aka ShinaNova.

Globally, it’s Senegalese-born Italian designer Khaby Lame who shined this year with his sarcastic videos where he pokes fun at people who use complex ploys to accomplish simple tasks.

The social network has also compiled a list of the culinary creations that have traveled the most on its platform. There are the famous pasta with cherry tomatoes and feta, the sandwiches made from a tortilla folded three times and the sweet Dalgona cookie popularized by the Korean series. Squid Game.

TikTok has not drawn up a French counterpart to this list, where Tremblay’s language is absent.

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