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Towards organ transplants regardless of blood type?


The ex vivo perfusion system designed by Dr. Marcelo Cypel and his colleagues at the Latner Thoracic Research Laboratory, associated with the University of Toronto, treats the lungs with a cocktail of two enzymes.

Dr. Aizhou Wang.

Dr. Aizhou Wang demonstrates how the cocktail is delivered to a lung using the ex vivo infusion system.

Photo: Latner Thoracic Research Laboratory

danger of rejection

The success of an organ transplant is determined by the compatibility of the blood groups of the donor and the recipient. A wrong combination inevitably leads to rejection of the organ by the recipient’s body.

Blood type is determined by the presence of antigens on the surface of red blood cells that circulate throughout the body. Thus, people with blood type A have antigen A; those with blood group B have the B antigen; those with blood group AB have both antigens; and those with blood type O have none.

In the present work, the researchers used lungs unsuitable for transplantation, paired organs presenting A antigens which they subjected to their experimental system.

One of these lungs was treated with the cocktail to remove antigens from the organ, while the other was left untreated. The researchers then tested both lungs by pumping type O blood (which has high levels of antibodies against the A antigen) into the organs.

The results showed that the treated lungs were unaffected by O blood circulation, whereas the untreated lungs showed signs of rejection.

The work indicates, according to the researchers, the elimination of blood group A antigen in the lungs treated with the cocktail.

In addition, the condition of the treated lungs was not altered, so the organs remained healthy and ready for transplantation.

% currently [donneurs de groupe sanguin O] over 80%”,”text”:”The processing described in our work could […] expand the universal organ donor pool by 55% currently [donneurs de groupe sanguin O] more than 80%”}}”>The processing described in our work could […] expand the universal organ donor pool by 55% currently [donneurs de groupe sanguin O] more than 80%rejoices Aizhou Wang, one of the authors of this work published in the journal Science Translational MedicineHave (New window)Have (in English).

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Toronto doctors must now show that their organ conversion technique is safe. They are currently working on developing a proposal for clinical trials, which could begin in the next 12 to 18 months.

Assuming clinical trial results are similar to what we have seen, this will be a major breakthrough. »

A quote from Marcelo Cypel, University of Toronto
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