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Transgender activist harassed after having her address published online


Clara Sorrenti, 28, temporarily moved into a hotel for security reasons earlier this month after she was a victim ofswatting“,”text”:”swatting”}}”>swattinga malicious false alarm that aims to send law enforcement to a home without the knowledge of the people who live there.

However, Internet users then found the address of the hotel where she was staying until the dust settled and sent her a series of unexpected deliveries. Five different pizza orders were sent to her room under her birth name which she legally changed 10 years ago.

These Internet users have reportedly found the address of the hotel where she is staying after she posted a photo of her fiancé’s cat on a hotel bed to let her followers know she was safe.

I’m actually quite worried about my safetydid she say. I had to hide to make sure no one knows where I am, because I don’t want anything to happen to me.

Ms Sorrenti believes her stalkers compared the bed sheets in her photo to those in local hotels until they found where she was staying, then posted the information on a website called KiwiFarms, a US forum devoted to disclosure of personal data, commonly referred to asdoxxing“,”text”:”doxxing”}}”>doxxingusually with malicious intent or harassment of online personalities.

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They collect information on the people they target, report them, their families and anyone associated with themMs Sorrenti said, adding that the address of her apartment was originally shared on the same website, in an attempt to get the attention of Toronto police.

Clara Sorrenti says she received an email from an anonymous person who tried to warn her that her hotel address had been made public, but she admits ignoring the email until she started receiving deliveries from pizzas at his hotel.

The police are in good faith

Ms Sorrenti received a call from London Police’s Hate Crimes Division on August 14, after an employee at one of the pizzerias recognized her name and reported it to police, who are investigating the stalking incident, she said.

août]they seem to be making a good faith effort to keep me safe, and I appreciate that”,”text”:”Although I have my doubts about what happened [le 5août]they seem to be making a good faith effort to keep me safe, and I appreciate that”}}”>Although I have my doubts about what happened [le 5 août], the police seem to be in good faith and want to ensure my safety. I recognize thatsaid Ms. Sorrenti.

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The police broke into her home that day after receiving false information about her, arrested her and seized personal belongings, including her computer and cell phone. Officers addressed her by her birth name, which is no longer her legal name.

Last week, London Police Service Deputy Chief Trish Mcintyre told the show London Morning of CBC that his team had learned from the event and was making changes so it wouldn’t happen again.

London police declined to comment on the matter, saying it is an ongoing investigation, and said any breaches disclosed to them will be fully investigated.

Ms Sorrenti meanwhile said she was unsure how the situation would develop but felt things were going to escalate as many of her stalkers live in London. She takes things day by day, she says.

I don’t know how I manage to continue living. I just want to get my life back to normal and I don’t want people to stop me from doing the job that I do.she said.

A lot of people thanked me for being here as a transgender person. Dozens of people have told me that they came out with their sexual orientation because of me, and no matter what, I don’t think I’ll ever back down.

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