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Trudeau gathered at the Ardent Chapel of Queen Elizabeth II | Death of Queen Elizabeth II


The royal family confirmed that the new monarch had met Mr Trudeau, as well as Prime Ministers Anthony Albanese (Australia), Philip Davis (Bahamas), Andrew Holness (Jamaica) and Jacinda Arder (New Zealand).

The press release was accompanied by a photo of Mr. Trudeau and Charles III in front of a fireplace.

The king’s cabinet said that Charles III also spoke with governors general from around the world at dinner time.

Charles III and Justin Trudeau, seated face to face, chat in front of a fireplace.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with King Charles III on Saturday in London.

Photo: Associated Press / Stefan Rousseau

Trudeau arrived in London on Friday as part of a Canadian delegation that also includes Governor General Mary Simon, four former prime ministers and three national Indigenous leaders.

The Prime Minister visited the State in Westminster Hall around noon local time. Silently, he gazed at the queen’s coffin for a few seconds, perched on the rostrum reserved for foreign delegations. Mr. Trudeau was accompanied by his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

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Minutes later he drove to Lancaster House to sign the book of condolences for the Queen, who died aged 96 just over a week ago.

Last week, after the proclamation of the new sovereign’s accession to the throne in Ottawa, Mr. Trudeau stressed in a press release thatIII”,”text”:”Canada enjoys a long-standing relationship and close friendship with His Majesty King CharlesIII”}}”>Canada has a long-standing relationship and close friendship with His Majesty King Charles III.

Women and men line up outside

People line up in Southwark Park to pay their last respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Photo: Getty Images / Alain Jocard

We are confident that his deep commitment to education, the environment and youth empowerment will provide a strong foundation on which he will build as he continues to work for the betterment of the Commonwealth and its populationadded the Prime Minister.

In London on Saturday, thousands of people spent the night queuing to view the Queen’s coffin. Authorities have warned that people arriving in line may wait 24 hours.

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The streets around the Palace of Westminster were sealed off with metal fencing on Friday, and a large contingent of police, from across the UK, are already leading crowds who have come to pay their respects to the Queen. At 5 p.m. the estimated wait was 11 hours.

The level of security has also been increased in anticipation of Monday’s funeral. In addition to dozens of other world leaders, including US President Joe Biden, hundreds of thousands of simple citizens should go to the funeral.

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