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Tuesday’s surprise hearing of the committee investigating Trump


The group of American elected officials investigating Donald Trump’s maneuvers to invalidate the 2020 election announced on Monday that they would hold a last-minute hearing on Tuesday, promising to present “new evidence recently obtained”.

Since the beginning of June, this congressional committee has been unfolding a narrative placing the former American president at the heart of a coup attemptdetailing his pressure exerted from all sides until the storming of the Capitol by his supporters on January 6, 2021.

After five hearings broadcast live on many channels in the country, the so-called commissionJanuary”,”text”:”from January 6″}}”>from January 6 was not supposed to hold a hearing until the second week of July.

But in a surprise statement Monday, she said she wanted to reveal Tuesday at 1 p.m. EDT new evidence recently obtained and hearing from witnesseswithout giving further details.

Investigators said they have a wealth of new evidence to sift through, which came as the hearings were underway, including hours of footage of Trump and his family filmed for a documentary.

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The commission has not ruled out further hearings later in the summer, but is keen to deliver its findings before the midterm elections in November.

Indeed, if the Democrats lose control of the House of Representatives in the ballot, the commission risks being dissolved by the Republicans, many of whom denounce its work.

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