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Tunisia: the president dissolves the Superior Council of the Judiciary


decision [qui] affects the independence of the judiciary and a serious precedent that Tunisia has never had to undergo, including during the time of the dictatorship by Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (1987-2011).

Kais Saied accuses

the Superior magistrate counselan independent body created in 2016 to appoint judges, is made up of 45 magistrates, two-thirds of whom are elected by Parliament and who appoint the remaining third.

Positions and appointments are sold and made according to membership. »

A quote from Kais Saied, Tunisian President

He also claimed that certain magistrates were able to receive large sums of money in return.

Mr. Saied assumed full powers on July 25, when he sacked his Prime Minister and froze Parliament, measures denounced as a Rebellion by Ennahdha and other opponents.

It has since appointed a government, but takes its decisions by decree, officially on a provisional basis until legislative elections scheduled for December, after a constitutional referendum.

In the video, the president said to prepare a provisional decree to reorganize the Superior magistrate counsel. On January 19, he had already withdrawn a series of benefits in kind from members of the Superior magistrate counsel (subsidized fuel, transport and accommodation allowances).

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), a 70-year-old NGO, has warned that any decree that would result in a dissolution is illegal and unconstitutional and would mean the end of the separation of powers in Tunisia.

Decision hailed by protesters

The announcement was on the contrary welcomed by the President of the Tunisian National Bar Association, Ibrahim Bouderbala, who took part in a demonstration in Tunis to commemorate the assassinations, on February 6, 2013 and July 25 of the same year, of left-wing activists Chokri Belaïd and Mohamed Brahmi.

We work with the presidentwhat implies that we react positively to all decisions taken for the good of the judicial institutionhe told theFrance Media Agency.

Calling for the culprits reportthe 500 demonstrators present welcomed in their majority the decision of Mr. Saied.

Extremist Islamists had claimed responsibility for the killings, which sparked a political crisis and led to the temporary withdrawal from power of the Islamist-inspired Ennahdha party and the formation of a government of technocrats between 2013 and 2014.

Unfortunately, some judges in the courts have manipulated the Chokri Belaïd filedenounced Mr. Saied in his video, assuring that this is not the first trial where they have tried to hide the truth for years.

For political scientist Abdellatif Hannachi, justice, which has not been able to reform itself or decide on major issues, has provided an ideal opportunity to President Saied to bang his fist on the table as he did on July 25 when he had justified his coup by socio-economic and political blockages.

Present at the left-wing demonstration, Chokri Belaïd’s brother, Abdelmajid, applauded the dissolution of the Superior magistrate counselaccusing theFrance Media Agencythe Ennahdha party to have manipulated and slowed down for nine years investigation to cover up evidence of the involvement of Ennahdha leaders.

Until the Judicial Council is dissolved, no truth will come out. There are a large number of judges in the Council who work for Ennahdhahe said.

A few hundred meters away, in front of the headquarters of the Superior magistrate counsela hundred supporters of President Saied, the July 25 Movementgathered to castigate the institution and rejoice in its dissolution.

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