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Twitter adds warning to tweets quoting media close to Russian power


These media have been accused of misinformation relating to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Each tweet containing a link to a media close to the Russian power will therefore have a mention indicating that this tweet links to the site of a media affiliated with the Russian government.

Many seek credible information about the conflict in Ukrainetweeted Yoel Roth, Platform Integrity Manager Twitter.

We are adding a warning to the state media warnings and reducing the visibility of this content.

The manager recalled that Twitter had previously used this kind of message for posts related to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as various elections in the world.

If the publications of the state media as well as those of information bodies close to the governments were already subject to the system of warnings, tweets sharing their content lacked visible contextualizationadded Yoel Roth.

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According to his information, more than 45,000 Twitter messages a day have taken up a link to a Russian media affiliated with the power since the start of the invasion of Ukraine on Thursday.

Requested by theFrance Media Agency (AFP), Twitter said it had taken several measures to adapt to the consequences of the conflict on social networks.

The platform says in particular highlight reliable information on the conflict thanks to his sons Momentswhich include posts from verified accounts and media considered credible.

Twitter did not provide a list of media considered affiliated with Russian authorities, despite the request of theFrance Media Agency.

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