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Twitter allows more users to automatically block harmful messages


This security mode on Twitter allows more precisely to block in your place and for a period of seven days Internet users who send you harmful messages, such as insults, for example.

Before making a decision, the system takes into consideration the content of the tweet as well as the relationship between the two Internet users, namely whether these people follow each other or if they interact often. The maneuver can also be reversed manually by account owners.

A more elaborate function

Since its deployment in September, the function has been tested with 750 users. But Twitter plans to expand it to about 50% of Internet users in many countries, including Canada.

A novelty is added: people who live with these unwelcome interactions will now be identified automatically by the Twitter system. A notification will offer them to activate the security mode to put an end to these unsolicited interactions.

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This is a request from users of the first trial of the beta, who wanted help identifying unwelcome interactions.

It is not yet known when this feature will be extended to all users of the social network, but we can believe that it is particularly useful in helping to curb harassment on the platform.

The function can be activated in the account settings.

The social network is often criticized by regulators, especially in Europe and America, for its handling of online abuse and harassment issues.

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