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Twitter launches a game to present its new privacy policy


“Welcome to ConfidentiaCité”, according to Twitter. The social network launched a minigame, Twitter Data Dashto draw the attention of its users to the news in its privacy policy and security measures.

In this platform game, whose playability will not revolutionize the genre, you play a dog who walks with his mistress or his master in the fictional city of ConfidentiaCité. Characters must collect bones while avoiding ugly kitties (which represent data-seeking advertisers, according to Twitter’s plot).

Exploring the Twittersphere can be perilous for an untrained user, can we read on the game’s website. We have therefore created a game to help you better understand our privacy policy.

At each successful level, the game provides explanations about certain Twitter features to protect your personal data or better secure your account. Hyperlinks to the Twitter site providing more comprehensive information also appear.

The game which has only four levels can be completed very quickly. It is offered in several languages, including French.

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