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Twitter removes 3,500 government propaganda accounts


The vast majority of these accounts (2048) relayed the official discourse of the Chinese Communist Party regarding the treatment of the Uighur people, a Muslim minority whose nearly 1 million members are believed to be in detention in forced labor camps.

About 100 additional accounts were linked to a company close to the government of China’s Xinjiang province, where the majority of Uighurs live.

The other deleted accounts promoted the action of government authorities in Mexico, Russia, Tanzania, Uganda and Venezuela.

Twitter also announced the upcoming launch, in early 2022, of a consortium on moderation issues for its platform that will bring together academics, NGOs, journalists and members of civil society.

The social network specified that it would exercise no control over the research themes or the conclusions of this group of specialists.

Swiss fictitious biologist

On Wednesday, Facebook said it had dismantled an operation, orchestrated from China, which used fake accounts to fuel tensions with the United States.

These inauthentic profiles amplified the posts posted on the profile of a fabricated Swiss biologist who allegedly wrote that the United States was pressuring the World Health Organization (WHO) to blame the coronavirus on China.

Refusing to comply with Beijing’s demands, the American social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, the participatory encyclopedia Wikipedia, as well as multiple foreign media are totally blocked in China by a great computer wall erected by the censors of the regime.

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