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Twitter’s lawsuit against Elon Musk will begin on October 17


Twitter had filed a complaint on July 12 in a Delaware court to compel the richest man in the world to honor his commitment, made at the end of April, to acquire it for 44 billion dollars.

The platform called for an accelerated procedure from September so as not to prolong the period of uncertainty which is partially paralyzing the company, while Mr. Musk’s lawyers wanted the hostilities to begin in court only next year. .

Kathaleen McCormick, president of a tribunal specializing in business law, had already decided that the trial would take place in October and would last five days.

In a document released Thursday evening, she set deadlines for various proceedings ahead of a trial scheduled for October 17-21.

She writes there several times that the parties must cooperate in good faith to agree on how to share documents or organize depositions.

Musk fires back

Elon Musk counterattacked on Friday by filing a lawsuit against Twitter in a Delaware court, according to a legal document.

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This complaint filed in a 164-page document confidential is not yet publicly available, according to a notice from the Delaware Court of Chancerya court specializing in business law, in charge of the case.

It is expected to be made public soon, however, with court rules requiring Mr. Musk to submit a public version of it, once redacted of any trade secrets or other sensitive information it may contain.

One of Elon Musk’s requests reportedly relates to the allegation that Twitter lied about its redeemable user count after accepting his takeover offer, the report believes. wall street journal.

Elon Musk had announced in April his intention to own the social network but finally declared in early July that he was ending the agreement on the grounds that the San Francisco-based company had, according to him, lied about the proportion of automated accounts on its platform.

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The social network, which wants the transaction to be completed, called a general meeting of its shareholders on September 13 to ratify the operation.

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