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Ubisoft launches a playable NFT platform in its video games


Called Digits, these NFTs will be marketed in a limited edition on the Ubisoft Quartz platform for PC gamers, from Thursday in nine countries, including Canada, according to what was announced Tuesday.

The first title to benefit from it is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, an open world shooter rated AAA, that is, those with production budgets comparable to Hollywood movies.

Concretely, a player may, for example, acquire a unique weapon or vehicle with its own serial number, visible to all the others.

These NFTs will also keep track of their current and previous owners for years to come with a certificate of ownership based on blockchain technology (blockchain), a system that also authenticates cryptocurrency exchange transactions.

They can therefore be put back on sale so that other players can acquire them outside the Ubisoft ecosystem.

Ubisoft’s metaverse

The NFTs, these unique digital objects, have shaken the world of culture and entertainment in recent months with many projects related to contemporary art, cinema and even music.

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This first large-scale experiment, the result of research work carried out by Ubisoft for four years, is part of the group’s stated desire to position itself on the metaverse.

It is the industrial revolution of tomorrow. With tools like blockchain and cryptocurrency development, we will be able to create new rules that apply worldwide. […] It opens a new frontier, said Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, at the end of November in the daily The echoes.

We realize that the blockchain is laying the foundations for a new digital economy. As a video game player, you can’t help but grab hold of these tools. We see in the NFT an additional value for our players, complete with AFP Nicolas Pouard, head of Ubisoft’s blockchain initiatives.

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