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Ukraine aggression: Russia vetoes the Security Council | War in Ukraine


Of the 15 members of the Council, 11 countries voted in favor of the text, co-drafted by the United States and Albania, and 3 abstained: China, India and the United Arab Emirates. Beijing said it was against taking sanctions, while India and the Emirates did not clearly explain their abstention.

The Russian veto is a bloodstain on his plaque at the Security CouncilUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted on Twitter.

The draft resolution had been toned down in the hours before the vote to to secure their abstention and avoid a negative vote, according to a diplomat. The proposed text thus no longer included the term condemnreplaced by deplore. A reference to Chapter 7 of the Charter of theUnited Nationswhich provides for the possible use of force, has also been deleted.

The resolution sentenced the aggression of Russia, however decided the American ambassador to theUnited NationsLinda Thomas-Greenfield, while her Albanian counterpart, Ferit Hoxha, virulently denounced Moscow for having decided to inflict death in Ukraine, during a serious session.

Responsible Member States do not invade their neighboradded the American diplomat, considering that the abstainers, during the vote, do not support the United Nations Charter.

To abstain is to condemntempers with theFrance Media Agency an ambassador member of the Security Council, on condition of anonymity, speaking ofmoment of truth for large countries like India or Brazil, candidates for a permanent seat and which must choose between their particular interest and multilateralism and the general interest.

A minute of silence

Before the Security Council, the Ukrainian ambassador to theUnited NationsSergiy Kyslytsya, strongly and at length attacked Russia and his Russian counterpart, Vassily Nebenzya, recalling that the latter had in recent weeks assured that there would be no invasion.

Your words are worth less than a pretzel! »

A quote from Sergiy Kyslytsya, Ambassador of Ukraine to the UN, addressing his Russian counterpart

Mr. Kyslytsya called for a minute of silence for the dead in Ukraine, punctuated by a round of applause, under the black eye of the Russian diplomat.

Before the Council meeting, Sergiy Kyslytsya had posed, Ukrainian flag in hand, surrounded by European Union ambassadors, in front of a vast tapestry representing the painting Guernica by Picasso, which adorns a wall at the entrance to the Security Council.

We are here in full solidarity with the people of Ukrainesaid Olof Skoog, ambassador representing theEuropean Union at theUnited Nations.

Since the start of its military invasion of Ukraine overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, Russia, accused by the West and the head ofUnited Nations to violate the Charter of the United Nations, claims to act in self-defense under article 51 of the founding document of the Organization.

Part of the Security Council speaking out on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On the right, voting in favor of the resolution, the American ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield as well as the British ambassador to the UN Barbara Woodward. On the left, the Russian ambassador to the UN and current President of the Council, Vasily Nebenzya.

Photo: AP/Seth Wenig

After the vote, Vassily Nebenzya denounced a draft resolution anti-Russian and anti-Ukrainian, accusing the West of manipulating world opinion. He denied that Russia was currently killing civilians in Ukraine, as claimed by France.

According to diplomats, a resolution similar to that submitted to the Security Council should be proposed in the coming days to a vote of the UN General Assembly (193 members), where the right of veto does not exist.

Some ambassadors believe that, given the disaster current situation in Ukraine, more than a hundred countries could vote for it in the General Assembly.

The US-Albanian resolution had co-sponsored by more than 80 countries. It planned, in addition to a strong criticism of Russia, to reaffirm support for the sovereignty of Ukraine, and to force Russia to cease to use force and to withdraw immediately, completely and unconditionally all its military forces from this country.

A frightening signal to Ukrainians

In a statement, Kenneth Roth, director of the non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch, strongly denounced a Russian veto which sends a chilling signal to Ukrainian civilians of its indifference to international law.

In 2014, after the Russian annexation of Crimea, which was done without bloodshed, Moscow had already vetoed a text condemning it, which had collected 13 favorable votes, China abstaining. India was not then a member of the Security Council.

A resolution then at the General Assembly had obtained 100 favorable votes. Eleven countries voted against, 58 abstained. The rest of the UN members did not take part in the ballot.

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