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Ukraine: Orthodox Easter darkened by two months of conflict | War in Ukraine


Today we believe more than ever in a new victory for Ukraine and we are convinced that it will not be destroyed by any horde and any injusticesaid Volodimir Zelensky in a recorded message in front of Saint Sophia Cathedral in kyiv.

Traditionally crowded for Orthodox Easter celebrations, Ukrainian churches did not bring together as many faithful as usual, the authorities of kyiv having asked the clergy to avoid too large gatherings fearing that places of worship become the targets of Russian artillery.

New deadly bombings in the east

Two children died after a Russian strike on Sunday morning in the Donetsk region, regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko wrote on Telegram.

The two young victims, girls aged 5 and 14, died when the building in Ocheretynsk in which they lived was destroyed.

For his part, the governor of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Gaidai, wrote on social networks that eight of his fellow citizens died during the day on Saturday. His counterpart in the Dnipro region, further west, reported the death of a 48-year-old man on Sunday morning.

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The greater Donbass region and eastern Ukraine have been the scene, since the beginning of the week, of a vast Russian offensive. Despite the intensity of the clashes, the Ukrainians were able to repel many of the attacks directed against them, reports in its daily report the British intelligence service.

The Kremlin forces have nevertheless made gains in the past few days, but at the cost of heavy losses, it is said. Low morale [des Russes] and the limited time they had to replenish their ranks, re-equip and reorganize undermines their combat effectivenessis it also written in the technical briefing published by the intelligence service.

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