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Ukraine: Russian forces say they have “eliminated” an armed group in Kherson | War in Ukraine


In central Kherson, a clash between Russian army units patrolling the city streets and an unidentified groupthe occupation administration said on Telegram on Saturday evening.

After a brief fight, the attackers were eliminatedcontinued this source, specifying that no Russian soldier and no civilian had been injured.

Russian provocation

On the Ukrainian side, the spokesperson for the army’s southern command, Natalia Goumenyuk, denounced a provocation.

Speaking on a Ukrainian television channel on Sunday morning, she said that yesterday’s shooting and explosions in Kherson are a provocation of the occupier.

We warned that provocations were going to take place between September 17 and 20. They are intended to tarnish the image of the Ukrainian armed forces. »

A quote from Natalia Goumenyuk, spokesperson for the Southern Command of the Ukrainian army

In Russia, the public media Dressed published a video showing two armored vehicles surrounded by soldiers during the incident, on an avenue in the area of ​​the Kherson railway station. On this video, one of the tanks opens fire with the machine gun, while other shots are heard.

Sunday morning, a cadre of the Russian occupation, Kirill Stremoussov, assured that the situation was calm in Kherson. The Nazis try to attack, but without successhe said on Telegram.

Ukrainian army responds

Since the end of August, Ukrainian troops have been carrying out a major offensive to retake the region and the city of Kherson, the country’s only regional capital, which fell to the Russians in early March, a few days after the launch of the attack on the Kremlin .

Several cadres of the Russian occupation in the Kherson region and other Ukrainian territories conquered by Moscow have been killed in targeted attacks in recent months.

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