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Ukraine says Russia has ‘slowed down the pace of the offensive’ | War in Ukraine


The Russian occupiers slowed the pace of the offensive, the Ukrainian general staff said in a statement. Commenting on the situation in Ukraine on Monday morning, the UK Ministry of Defense attributed the success to logistical problems and fierce Ukrainian resistance.

A Ukrainian military vehicle in the abandoned streets of Kiev in the morning.

Kiev is still in Ukrainian hands, despite repeated attacks by Russian forces.

Photo: Reuters/Umit Betkas

The resistance would have played an important role in Kiev, in particular, which was the target of bombardments and attempted Russian incursions at the end of the week. Kremlin troops are at the gates of the capital, but they will not prevent civilians from leaving the city, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said in a televised address.

And after Ukraine’s president accused Russia of targeting civilian infrastructure in its assaults, the Kremlin on Monday said Ukraine was using its residents as human shields.

Russian advances

The Ukrainians may believe they have slowed the Russian advance, but they remain cautious, because the forces of its neighbor still trying to score successes in certain areasnotes the statement of the staff.

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These areas are the cities of Berdyansk and Enerhodar, in the south-east of the country, now under Russian control, according to statements by the Russian Ministry of Defense reported by the Interfax agency.

Satellite image of a line of military vehicles on a rural road

Columns of Russian vehicles near Kiev.

Photo: via Reuters / Satellite Image ©2022 Maxar Tec

The Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, not far from these two municipalities, is also in Russian hands and continues to operate normally, according to what Interfax reports. Russia also claims air supremacy throughout Ukraine.

As a fifth day of fighting begins, talks between the belligerents are due to take place on the Belarusian border around noon local time. Monday morning, the Russian negotiator expressed his desire to reach an agreement with the Ukrainian government.

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