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Ukraine: the resumption of grain exports unanimously welcomed | War in Ukraine


In the evening, the United States announced the shipment of new weapons to Ukraine, including ammunition for the strategic Himars multiple rocket launchers.

The freighter Razoni left the port of Odessa [sud de l’Ukraine, sur la mer Noire] bound for the port of Tripoli in Lebanon. He is expected on August 2 in Istanbulin Turkey, where it will be inspected, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced on Monday morning.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, the boat is loaded with 26,000 tons of corn. Cereals have already left Ukraine since the Russian invasion on February 24, but from Berdiansk (southeast), on the Sea of ​​Azov, an area occupied by the Russians.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warmly welcomed the departure of the ship, expressing the hope that the resumption of Ukrainian exports, enabled by an international agreement, will provide much-needed stability and support for global food security.

British Foreign Minister Liz Truss for her part insisted thatthere can be no new shelling of the port of Odessain reference to a Russian strike on the Ukrainian port on July 23, which had raised concern over the implementation of the agreement.

Journalists work in front of the ship leaving port.

The M/V Razoni leaves the port of Odessa, loaded with 26,000 tons of corn, on August 1, 2022.

Photo: dpa via getty images / Oleksandr Gimanov

During a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, French President Emmanuel Macron assured him of the continuation of European efforts to help kyiv export its cereals.

According to the head of Ukrainian diplomacy Dmytro Kouleba, 16 other boats loaded with cereals wait their turn to leave Odessa, which before the war concentrated 60% of the country’s port activity.

Be careful, warns Zelensky

But on Monday evening, Mr. Zelensky judged thatit is too early to draw conclusions and make predictionsin his daily address. Let’s wait to see how the agreement will work out and if security will really be guaranteedeven though this is a first positive signal that we will be able to stop the world food crisis.

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The agreement signed on July 22 in Istanbul between Russia and Ukraine, mediated by Turkey and under the aegis of the United Nations, allows the resumption of Ukrainian exports, blocked since the Russian invasion, under international supervision.

The agreement provides in particular for the establishment of secure corridors to allow the circulation in the Black Sea of ​​merchant ships and the export of 20 to 25 million tonnes of cereals.

For their part, theEU and theNATO welcomed the departure of the Ukrainian grain boat and called for the total implementation of the agreement.

Moscow also judged the event very positive. Hopefully the agreements will be enforced by all parties and the mechanisms will work effectivelysaid Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

A similar agreement signed simultaneously guarantees Moscow the export of its agricultural products and fertilizers, despite Western sanctions.

The two agreements are expected to help ease the global food crisis which has seen prices soar in some of the poorest countries due to the blocking of Ukrainian ports.

Our file War in Ukraine

The bombings continue

On the ground, Russian strikes continued on Ukrainian cities, notably Mykolaiv (south), where one of the country’s most important agricultural entrepreneurs, Oleksiï Vadatursky, 74, was killed with his wife on Sunday. Volodymyr Zelensky paid tribute to a heroes of ukraine.

The city was heavily shelled again on Monday, according to regional governor Vitali Kim, who reported three killed. Mr. Kim added on his Telegram account that the city is being destroyed. But luck is that there are few dead, few injured.

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Mykolaiv is close to the front in southern Ukraine, where Kyiv forces are conducting a counter-offensive.

In the neighboring region of Kherson, a city taken by the Russians on March 3, Ukraine said it had taken over 46 occupied localities.

The journalists of theAFP also noted an intense Russian bombardment of the city of Bakhmout (east). Three civilians were killed on Sunday in the Donetsk region, including two in Bakhmout, and 16 others injured, local authorities said on Monday.

The Russian military claimed to have destroyed two US Himars precision artillery systems in a strike on a factory in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, two ammunition depots in Siversk and Kalenyky, in the Donetsk region, and a fuel depot near Nikopol.

Artillery is decisive in the conflict in Ukraine. Particularly hungry for projectiles of all kinds, the Ukrainian and Russian armies are waging a war of ammunition attrition, the stocks of which are crucial.

A woman in front of a destroyed building.

A woman walks past a building destroyed by a Russian rocket, in Kramatorsk, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, July 29, 2022.

Photo: Getty Images / BULENT KILIC

The United States, Ukraine’s main backer, announced on Monday that it would send new weapons to kyiv for $550 million, bringing its total military assistance to more than $8 billion. This aid will include ammunition for the Himars rocket launchers and 75,000 155mm shells.

For its part, Russia on Monday banned entry to its territory to 39 additional British personalities, including Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer and former Prime Minister David Cameron, in response to sanctions against the offensive. in Ukraine.

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