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Ukraine wants to regain “full control” of Sievierodonetsk | War in Ukraine


The situation throughout the region is extremely difficult. The fighting is currently concentrated in Sievierodonetsk because, from what we have been able to understand, the Russian army has thrown all its weight and all its reserves in this battle, said the governor of the Luhansk region, Sergey Gaidai.

Early information indicates that they have managed to take over most of the city, but our forces are now pushing them back, he assured. According to Mr. Gaïdaï, the Ukrainian army would have taken back nearly 20% of the territory lost in Sievierodonetsk.

The city’s mayor, Olexander Striouk, even said that Ukrainian forces are seeking to “restore full control” of Sievierodonetsk in an interview broadcast on Telegram.

There has been some success Russian troops, who managed to enter the city and seize a good part by dividing it in two.

However, our soldiers managed to redeploy and build a line of defence. Currently, we are doing everything necessary to restore full control of Ukraine. »

A quote from Olexander Stryuk, Mayor of Sievierodonetsk

However, the Russian Defense Ministry announced in a statement that% in several units) retreat to Lysychansk”,”text”:”units of the Ukrainian army that suffered critical losses in the fighting for Sievierodonetsk (up to 90% in several units) retreat to Lysychansk”} }”>Ukrainian army units that suffered critical losses in the fighting for Sievierodonetsk (up to 90% in several units) retreat to Lysychanska large nearby town located across the Donets River.

On the other hand, this ministry did not provide indications as to the number of Ukrainian soldiers who would beat a retreat towards Lyssytchansk. AFP has not been able to verify these independent source statements.

A destroyed bridge.

A bridge connected the cities of Lysytchansk and Sievierodonetsk.


Realizing that it was impossible to resist further and hold the Sievierodonetsk industrial zone, the Ukrainian authorities ordered a mixed tactical group to mine tanks that contain nitrate and nitric acid at the Azot plantthe Russian military said.

She also specified that this group which remained on the scene is made up in particular of survivors of the 79th Air Assault Brigade as well as members of the Ukrainian Territorial Defence.

According to Moscow, the Ukrainian army wants to explode tanks of chemicals, which would contaminate this area and have the effect of to delay the offensive of the Russian troops.

The cities of Sievierodonetsk and Lyssychansk are located some 80 kilometers from the Ukrainian regional administrative capital of Kramatorsk. Sievierodonetsk, which had nearly 100,000 inhabitants before the war, is a key agglomeration to achieve this.

With the capture of this city, Russia would ensure its hold on the Donbass, an important mining basin which has been partially occupied by pro-Russian separatists since 2014.

A war of attrition now takes place in the Donbass, said the secretary general of theNATOJens Stoltenberg.

Despite the reinforcements deployed by Russia, Mr. Gaïdaï said on Friday that he was not realistic to assert that Sievierodonetsk would fall within the next two weeks.

Russian troops reinforce

To carry out its offensive on Sievierodonetsk, Russia reinforced its troops and used its artillery to carry out offensives in the city, according to the Ukrainian army.

Also according to the Ukrainian army, the Russian troops had to retreat after having unsuccessfully tried to advance towards the neighboring town of Bakhmut to prevent access to Sievierodonetsk.

Governor Gaïdaï noted that four people were killed on Friday in the province of Luhansk during attacks carried out by the Russian army.

For its part, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that its troops shot down a Ukrainian military transport plane. This transported arms and ammunition near the port of the city of Odessa.

The Russian ministry also claimed that missiles hit an artillery training center near Sumy, where there were foreign instructors. According to the Russian Defense, another strike destroyed a position of foreign mercenaries in the Odessa region of southern Ukraine.

Still near Odessa, a Russian missile hit an agricultural warehouse and injured two people, local authorities said.

Ukraine has also said it wants to strengthen its military presence in the region thanks to new deliveries of Western weapons before resuming peace negotiations with Russia.

Our armed forces are ready to use [les nouvelles armes] and I believe that we can then start a new round of negotiations from strengthened positionsUkrainian negotiator David Arakhamia said on Friday.

After 100 days of war, Russia claimed on Friday that it had fulfilled some of the objectives of special military operation which she launched on February 24.

Victory will be oursretorted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a video where he appears in front of the presidential administration building in kyiv with his collaborators.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army has tripled the portion of territory it controls: in addition to the Crimean peninsula and the occupied territories of Donbass and southern Ukraine, Russia now has the control over nearly 125,000 square kilometers, according to President Zelensky.

Ukrainian intelligence in contact with prisoners of Azovstal

Several people standing in a street.

Some crippled soldiers were among the Ukrainian fighters evacuated from Azovstal.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Russian Defense Ministry Press Service

The Ukrainian Interior Minister said that the intelligence services are in contact with the prisoners of war who defended the Azovstal metallurgical complex in Mariupol. He said the government is doing everything to secure their release.

It is through [des services de renseignement] that we know their conditions of detention, their diet and the possibility of their releasesaid Denis Monastirsky on Friday evening on Ukrainian television. We hope that they will all be here in Kyiv, and we are doing everything we can to make it so.commented the Minister of the Interior.

The fate of the hundreds of Azovstal fighters, who have been held by the Russians since mid-May, remains uncertain. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had asked them to lay down their arms after almost three months of siege.

kyiv wishes to obtain their release within the framework of an exchange of prisoners. However, Russian parliamentarians want some of these soldiers to be brought to justice. Moscow, however, assured that the fighters who have surrendered will be treated in accordance with international law.

Four foreign volunteers killed

Four foreign volunteers, including a Frenchman, were killed fighting in Ukraine, the International Defense Legion of Ukraine, the official organization of foreign volunteer fighters, announced on Saturday.

The legion said they are Dutch, Australian, German and French. She cited the names of the fighters, but did not specify the date or circumstances of their deaths.

We lost our brothers in battle, but their bravery, their memory and their legacy will inspire us forever.the legion wrote on its Facebook page, where it posted national flags and photos of the four men in camouflage and carrying small arms.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed on Friday thata fighter [français] left as a volunteer was dead in fights in Ukraine.

Russia this week claimed to have killed hundreds foreign fighters in Ukraine since its invasion began on February 24.

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