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Ukrainian Civilians Endangered by Both Sides, Says Human Rights Watch | War in Ukraine


As the war in Ukraine rages, civilians have been needlessly caught up in fightingobserves Belkis Wille, a researcher from HRW quoted in a press release.

Both Russian and Ukrainian forces should avoid basing their troops among civilians and do everything possible to keep civilians away from the surrounding area.she added.

HRW states that it has documented four cases of Russian and three Ukrainian military bases established in residential areas.

Subsequent attacks on these bases killed and injured civiliansunderlined the organization, while specifying to have questioned more than 50 inhabitants of seven localities located in Ukrainian regions of Cherniguiv (north), Kharkiv (east) and Zaporijia (south) and visited six of them.

Among the best-known cases, cited by HRWthe village of Yagidné (Chernigiv region) where the Russians detained about 350 civilians for a month in the basement of a school they used as a military base.

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For their part, the Ukrainian forces have established a base in a disease control center in a residential area of ​​Pokotylivka (Kharkiv region), supports theNGO.

When the Russians attacked the center on April 28, at least six civilians were injured and dozens of nearby houses and the local school were damaged, according to the same source.

Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24 and caused millions of refugees, tens of thousands of deaths, notably in Mariupol, and massive destruction in the neighboring country.

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Russian strikes kill at least two civilians in Kharkiv

Two people were killed and 19 others injured Thursday morning in a Russian bombardment on Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city located in the northeast, announced the regional governor.

Four of the injured are in serious condition as a result of the multiple rocket launcher bombardment, Governor Oleg Synegoubov added on Telegram.

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