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UN High Commissioner for Refugees fears long conflict in Ukraine | War in Ukraine


You never know because it is a very unpredictable war that risks getting bogged down if there is no quick political solution.he confided in an interview with Behind the scenes of power.

Filippo Grandi does not have to look far to illustrate the consequences of such a scenario: the war in the Donbass opposing the Ukrainian army to the pro-Russian separatists has been going on since 2014. It has claimed many victims, but the international community neglected.

So I’m a bit afraid that we’ll return to this situation without a political solution. A war at a lower level of intensity which will however cause a lot of suffering to civilian populations and damage to infrastructure. That is the big risk.

Recently, Russian soldiers have withdrawn from the areas surrounding the capital, kyiv, to regroup in the east of the country. The Ukrainian authorities expect an intensification of the fighting in this territory.

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So far 4.3 million Ukrainians have fled the country. Seven million others have left their homes to take refuge in areas spared from the bombardments, hoping to be able to return home soon.

During his visits to northern Ukraine and Poland, High Commissioner Grandi witnessed heartbreaking scenes as women and children left behind their spouses, fathers, brothers to face the enemy. Rarely have I seen scenes that struck me this wayhe said.

For the moment, the Ukrainians benefit from the sympathy of many Western countries which do not hesitate to open their doors to them. Canada has set up an accelerated process to welcome Ukrainian refugees: 112,000 people have applied so far to come to the country. Some 26,500 files have been approved.

84 million refugees seeking asylum

While many Canadians criticized the slowness of the process, the High Commissioner for Refugees was more conciliatory. We shouldn’t underestimate the fact that it has to be done with a lot of precision, a lot of detail, to be sure that we transfer the people who need to be transferred.

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What matters to him is that Canada not limit the number of refugees from other countries, which would only increase inequalities.

He acknowledges that because of their European affiliation and the color of their skin, Ukrainians have a certain advantage compared to displaced people from less well-off countries. It is also all this, the symptom of the deep inequality that prevails in our world.he laments.

The needs are great, according to Mr. Grandi. Apart from the Ukrainians, 84 million refugees are in search of a land of asylum, such as the Rohingyas of Myanmar, the Burkinabés, the Venezuelans and the Syrians.

There are huge crises, almost comparable from a numerical point of view, and we must not forget them.

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