Home LATEST NEWS United Arab Emirates lifts censorship in theatrical films

United Arab Emirates lifts censorship in theatrical films


Films rated 21 years and over will be distributed in their international version, with strict control over compliance with age limits, the Media Regulatory Bureau announced on its Twitter account.

Censorship is a widespread practice in the Arab world, especially in the very conservative Gulf region. Cinema scenes considered to be detrimental to local customs are often cut during editing. Films are sometimes outright banned.

The United Arab Emirates, of which 90% of the population is made up of expatriates, has undertaken in recent years a vast project to modernize regulations, to become one of the most open countries in the Gulf.

To strengthen the attractiveness of the United Arab Emirates, the authorities have notably authorized cohabitation, relaxed alcohol restrictions and offered long-term stays to people coming from abroad.

The country has also announced that it will adopt, from 1er January, a Western-style weekend (Saturday and Sunday), while in other Muslim countries in the region, the weekend takes place from Friday – the day of great prayer – to Saturday.

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