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“United States Will Pay the Price” for Boycott of Olympics, Says China | Olympic Games


America’s attempt to disrupt the Beijing Winter Olympics, based on ideological bias, lies and rumors, will only expose America’s malicious intentions to everyone’s eyes. Chinese diplomacy spokesman Zhao Lijian commented on Tuesday.

According to Zhao, accusations by Western countries on the plight of Muslims in Xinjiang lie of the century . Beijing has always denied locking Uighurs in re-education camps , asserting instead that it is vocational training centers to support employment and combat religious extremism.

The spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry also accused the US government of having violated the principle of political neutrality in sport and again referred to firm countermeasures against Washington.

The United States will pay the price for its mischief. Stay tuned.

A quote from Zhao Lijian, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson

On Twitter, the Chinese embassy in Washington was angry, accusing American politicians of adopting a posture serving only their own interests.2022 “,” text “:” Actually, no one should care whether these people come or not, and it will have no impact on the success of Beijing2022 “}} ‘>In fact, no one should care whether these people come or not, and it will have no impact on the success of Beijing 2022., she wrote.

Frankly, the Chinese are relieved to hear the news because the fewer U.S. officials there are, the fewer viruses there will be., also mocked on Twitter the Chinese tabloid Global Times, megaphone of the communist regime.

In Beijing, Chinese citizens did not fail to voice their resentment. Sport is sport. What relationship with politics?, asked Mr. Wang, a 72-year-old Pekingese interviewed by Agence France-Presse.

It’s a lack of respect for the athletes, don’t you think? Athletes have been training for years (for the Games) and the United States has said without any embarrassment that their diplomats will not come. The US government is cowardly.

A quote from Mr. Han, retired Chinese official, met by AFP near the Olympic park

Will other countries emulate the United States?

So far, no other country has emulated the United States. Several European allies in Washington in turn said on Tuesday that they were taking note, and that they would coordinate their decisions.

We take note of the Americans’ choice , said the French presidency. We will coordinate at European level, she added.

When we have human rights concerns, we tell the Chinese and we took sanctions on Xinjiang last March, added the Élysée.

In Germany, the future Chancellor Olaf Scholz also mentioned an upcoming consultation at European level. We must know our disagreements, but still get along , he replied when asked about his country’s relationship with China.

We will stop our position in due time, was content to declare in London a spokesperson for Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

We are still in discussion with our allies, had already indicated Monday the Canadian Minister of Sports, Pascale Saint-Onge. For the moment, there is no decision that has been taken yet.

Last February, the House of Commons unanimously passed a motion stating that genocide was being perpetrated by China against the Uighurs. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all ministers abstained due to the detention of two Canadians in China.

New Zealand reiterated that it will not send dignitaries to the Chinese capital for the Olympics either, but adding that its decision, communicated to Beijing in October, was instead linked to travel restrictions decided due to the pandemic.

Elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia has not provided its views on the US decision, South Korea has declined to comment, and Japan has said it will make its own decision. timely.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has instead sided with the Chinese, arguing that the Olympics should stay free from all politics. The essential […] is that the athletes [américains] are not concerned by boycott, he added.

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