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Update Microsoft Teams on your Android devices now


A user on the Reddit forum discovered the breach two weeks ago, reporting in a post that he could not call 911 from his Google Pixel 3 device.

People affected by this problem say that the call to emergency services seems to be successful, ringing once, but communication never takes place. The call does not appear in the cell phone history either.

The manufacturer of the smartphone therefore investigated the incident and indicated that the problem stemmed from a unintentional interaction between the Android operating system and the Microsoft Teams app.

If you’ve opened the Microsoft Teams app, check to see if you’re signed in. If so, your device is not affected by the issue, and we suggest you stay signed in until you receive the update for the Microsoft Teams app., can we read in a post from the official Google PixelCommunity account on Reddit.

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Google had also advised owners of phones running Android operating system version 10 or higher to uninstall the Teams app. This recommendation would be obsolete since Microsoft says it has deployed a patch that closes the breach.

People who have an Android device are therefore encouraged to download the Microsoft Teams update from the Google Play Store app store. (New window). An update of the Android system is also scheduled for January 4, according to the California giant.

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