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Update on the spread of monkeypox in the country


Cases of monkeypox are on the rise. As of July 26, 745 cases have been reported in Canada, an increase of 48%. Quebec is the most affected province, followed closely by Ontario. Dr. Robert Pilarski, founding president of the La Licorne clinic, reports on the situation.

The demand for vaccination is high, which pleases Dr. Robert Pilarski, but it is important to raise awareness of this infection.

The majority of cases of monkeypox resolve after two to four weeks, but several patients have had complications. ” [Cette] disease is not serious, but it should not be trivialized and it is necessary to be vaccinated”, insists Dr. Pilarski.

Also during this interview, Dr. Robert Pilarski explains how the monkeypox vaccination operation is going in Montreal. It also gives some tips to avoid catching it.

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